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A Class for All Styles

At Vita Artes, we offer a multitude of different style classes to meet your needs. 

Private Training

Speech, Creative Writing, and Performance classes either in person or online. 

We offer tailored private classes for all ages. Each class is built on the fundamentals of education through the lens of fine arts. 

These classes are designed to improve performance, presentation, writing and editing, reading, critical thinking, and creativity skills, utilizing all of these talents throughout each class and anchoring them together towards a common goal. 

Each class is built around the needs and goals of the client, and grow organically to encompass a wide range of soft skills for them to utilize in the future. 

Classes are between 25-55 minutes in length and can be schedule Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3:30-6:30. Classes run every week and the commitment ranges from 8-14 weeks per session. Up to 2 missed classes can be made up at different times based on availability. 

Doing Homework
Zumba Class

Group Classes

Offered through The Vernon Recreation Centre

Group classes are a great way to begin or grow your skills. Beginers will enjoy the comfort of a supportive group, and they are a great addition to Private Training Classes as they provide a safe environment to practice the things you have learned.


Ranging in differeing age groups, group classes are a great way to build listening, leadership, critical thinking, and imagination. They also are a lot of fun and depending on the class, you may be very active. 


Our group classes a built to teach the fundamentals of the course, whether it be writing, acting, dance, or a combination. They are meant to be fun and light hearted, but also provide structure and great opportunities for teamwork. 


Group classes will begin once the safety and wellbeing of our clients can be met to our, and the public, standards. 

Professional Training

Leadership, Communication Training, Mindset and Life Skills

When looking to improve your skills, having a coach to guide you is key. Not only will they keep you on track to your goals, they also provide years of experience that is condensed into your learning, speeding up your time to success. 

Professional Training offers our clients with either one-to-one coaching in life, business, or communication, as well as group classes to connect with fellow peers and to improve your skills in front of others. 

These classes can be aranged to be online, by phone, or hosted at your facilities as a master class for your team members. Let us know your needs and we would be happy to provide an overview for your goals. 

Professional Training is available any day of the week and will run the same time each week for 30-60 minutes in length. A 6 month commitment is recommended to begin to see the best results from this practice. Live events and Master Classes range between 4-8 hours a session and need to be booked a month in advance. 

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