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Happy Birthday VAPA!

Hello VAPA Community!

It has been an amazing start to a spring term! We feel it only appropriate to mention that VAPA is already ONE year old! What a year it has been... In the past year we have seen over 175 children and youth join our programs!!! For us here at VAPA, this makes us tickled pink... in other words... EXCITED!

This is exciting because at VAPA, we believe that our classes are not simply just classes you enrol your children into to learn any plain old skills. VAPA is a place to enrich children and youth. VAPA is a place to build confidence for the 'real' world out there. VAPA is a place for children and the youth of tomorrow to come and grow and express themselves in a safe environment. To learn all that the performing arts has to offer them, to focus and build the skills for life... but most importantly, VAPA is a place to make new friends! We want VAPA to be a community. A Family. For not just your children, but for the parents as well! We want all 175 of our students and their families to join us in creating a strong community.

This past month, The Port Coquitlam Heritage Arts Society recognized VAPA as an influential local business for the City of Port Coquitlam. When the email came to our email inbox, we were so honored as this was our goal to create a real impact on our community and the children and youth that will carry that forward. Over the next few months, please stop into the Port Coquitlam Heritage Museum and check out our exhibit!

When creating a community it was important to Natasha, Founder of VAPA, to start adding influential members to the team. This past month, VAPA as added three new teachers! Sydney Sengotta, Hannah Williams and Tiffany Chan. As much as Natasha misses all the students, she feels the members added to the team are so amazing and the kids seem to love them all already!

So Happy Birthday VAPA! We have the wonderful communities of both Port Coquitlam and Maple Ridge to thank in making this little community of ours grow. We shall keep growing this year so we can reach and positively impact many more children and their families.

Before we go, VAPA would like to say as well.... HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all those who are mothers, or stand in the place of a mother figure! You are all truly amazing people.

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