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Registration for 2023 Is On!

Hey everyone!

2022 was such a wonderful year to get started in Vernon; We ran week long summer camps at the Historic O'Keefe Ranch, worked with the Vernon Recreation Centre to provide classes, and met many new faces!

We plan to double down on our success this year, expanding to new locations, adding additional days for classes, and provide other opportunities to work on both voice and confidence through private lessons.

If you don't know yet, registration is open for our Monday classes at the Vernon Recreation Centre, and we are hopeful that in the next week or two we have more information on additional classes, days, and locations. If you are interested in signing up for classes, please visit which will take you to all the classes we offer. By clicking the register now button it will send you directly to the Vernon Recreation Centre Page to register.

Thanks again for a wonderful 2022, and we can't wait for 2023!

Syd Sengotta

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