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Spring Break Theatre Camp 2023 at the Historic O'Keefe Ranch!

Last Spring, while visiting the O'Keefe Ranch with our children, we got to chatting with some of the people working there. My wife and I mentioned we were educators and that we ran performing arts classes for children. This conversation inspired a series of events that led us to host a Summer intensive for students at the farm where we practiced theatre, but also incorporated farm activities based around the ranch.

We are so excited to be offering these classes again with the O'Keefe Ranch this Spring Break, where students will learn about vocal and physical techniques in song and dance, build teamwork and leadership skills together, and search around the ranch for some animals to love. Our camp will run March 20-24th, from 8:30-2:30 for ages 6-12. We will work in groups and one-on-one to provide the best level or training possible.

Our classes are led by educators in the public and private school systems of Vernon BC. We want to provide the best level of development for your child, and we love educating and working with children of all levels and needs. Our staff have Bachelors of Performing Arts, Masters in Communication and Education, so you know they are being looked after by highly qualified facilitators. To sign up for our Spring Break Theatre Camp, please click the link below:

If Spring Break isn't your thing, or you already have your vacations planned, don't worry on missing out. We will be back at the Ranch in the Summer for half day classes starting July 3rd until the 14th. Or, if you want weekly classes Mr. Syd will be teaching on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays starting in April at the Vernon Recreation Centre and the Vernon Music School. So if you want to stay updated about these events, head to our Facebook page at or sign up for our e-mails below so that you will stay up to date on all the classes we offer.

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