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When Opportunity Arises

Have you ever watched waves climb ashore? Slowly they rise as the tide comes up, the pattern of it breathing. In, and out, and in, and out. The sea understands opportunity; it makes it almost as if it is routine. Climbing up the shore before slowly receding, always stretching to somewhere new, eroding the beach one grain of sand at a time.

It is the same with humans; we strive for greatness, looking for pockets of opportunity. But opportunity doesn't always come as easy as the sea for us. There is no moon to guide us. Instead, we must stretch our minds to potential, stretch our souls to hope and stretch our arms to connect with others.

Opportunity does not wait. It has no schedule, and if you let it, opportunity will walk away from you. So run after it and catch up to your opportunity because the best way to grow is by using all the opportunities you have to become better than you were yesterday.

S. J. Sengotta

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