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When The Going Gets Tough, Take A Break

You have assignments due, personal life issues, relationship obligations, work/life balance, mental health, daily exercises, mindfulness routines, and now your pet needs surgery… Sometimes it feels like you can’t catch a break or even take one! Sometimes it feels like you just want to give up and hide under the covers or spend an hour in the shower letting the water fall down on you. Sometimes it just feels like it couldn’t get worse.

Wait… Didn’t I already write this?

Sometimes all you need to reduce that feeling of stress and anxiety is to take a break. Not one that prolongs your suffering or ignores the problem. Rather, one that will free up your mind to the possibilities to your solution or give you respite to continue or anew. The truth is, only you know your breaking limits, and everyone needs a chance to recharge, a time out, a walk to clear your mind.

Research has found that people who walk in nature achieve their goals more quickly than those who do not. The idea is that as you walk forward, you are moving past things; trees, buildings, other people. It’s like leading yourself towards a goal; the trees are the obstacles in your way, and you are moving past them to arrive at your destination, the end of your goal. Exercise is also a great motivator and a way to focus on one task. It gives you the time to let your mind wander and think of solutions.

So the next time you are feeling stressed or anxious, when you feel like everything around you is piling up, take a break to clear your mind and think. Grab a coffee and talk to a friend, doodle a little and let inspiration flow, or go for a walk in the rain. Whatever you do, give yourself the time you need to move forward.

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