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Classes at the Vernon Recreation Centre

Vita Artes is happy to offer our services to teach, entertain, and explore with children this Fall and Winter. We have teamed up with the Vernon Recreation Centre to provide a fun 45-60 minute classes that we know your child will enjoy!

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Little Stars Sing and Dance

January 9th - March 13th
Monday 10:15-11:00    Ages 2-3 with parent
$85.50 for nine sessions

(no class February 20th: Family Day)

Lets Dance, Sing, and Play in this high energy class!


Parents and Children will love the directional songs, the full body movements, and the imaginative play in this 45 minute class.

This full interactive class is a great way to spend a bit of time with your child, while also having a blast moving around (It is very parent involved!)

Little Performers Sing and Dance

January 9th - March 13th
Monday 11:00-11:45    Ages 3-5
$108 for nine sessions

(no class February 20th: Family Day)

Let's move around in this high energy group class!

Children get to bust some energy out in this directional styled music class. Each class involves imagination exercises, communication games, and lots of singing and dancing. 

Children will learn how to follow along, play as a team, and learn about their voice and how to use it with a final performance for parents on the last day!

Musical Theatre Fun

January 9th - March 13th
Monday 3:30-4:30    Ages 5-7
$117 for nine sessions

(no class February 20th: Family Day)

Learn how to perform on stage in this introductory class to musical theatre!

This class is a great way for your child to burn some energy after school while also gaining beneficial skills that can transfer into their everyday confidence. 

Each class the students work on a song and dance performance piece, developing their vocal and dance skills. They also work on teamwork, leadership, and communication skills. 

Dance, Sing, Act!

January 9th - March 13th
Monday 4:30-5:30    Ages 8-12
$117 for nine sessions

(no class February 20th: Family Day)

So you want to be a triple threat? Be the best singer, dancer, and actor you can be? Well, this class is a great way to improve those skills and realize your dreams of performing onstage!

This class focuses on building core skills in performance in students. The goal is not to be the best on stage, but rather to work together to build upon your skills and improve your abilities.

This class is a great intro for students who may not have had much experience on stage and want to build their skills in a group environment. 

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Performing Arts School

Speech Arts

January 9th - March 13th
Monday 5:45-6:45    Ages 8-12
$117 for nine sessions

(no class February 20th: Family Day)

Have the confidence to stand on stage, present essays, and interact with others in a professional manner with this class. 

Speech arts is the act of communication through various types of literacy to build confidence and technique in all levels of communication. 

Whether we work on mime, practice a poem or prose passage, or work as a group to develop a scene, the act of performance will enhance your communication abilities. 


Each class students will work on group communication exercises, a piece of their own, and a group piece to present on the final class. This class is great to build the skills needed to go from elementary to high school education, and can also involve writing and non-verbal styles of communication as well. 

Private Classes

While we do not offer private classes through the Vernon Recreation Centre, we are offering January intake for a select number of students. These classes can either be voice or speech based, and we would be happy to connect with you about availability, location, and price based on your needs.

Click below to reach out about these opportunities

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