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Music Playlists for Little Stars and Performers Spring 2023 Classes!

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to share a music playlists for the Little Stars and Little Performer classes here so that you can listen to them at home and dance to your hearts content! Each term I create new playlists for each class, so check out the Spring 2023 classes below! If you want to take a peek at all my playlists you are more then welcome to, and if you want to stay updated about new ones I create you can always follow my Spotify account.

Little Stars Playlist (Monday 10:15-11:00/Saturday 9:30-10:15):

This playlist is really fun and will get your children moving with ease. You can practice all these songs at home so that your child will feel prepared for every class!

Little Performers Playlist (Monday 11:00-11:45/Saturday 10:15-11:00):

This playlist is great for putting on for your children to dance and move around to. As we are building performance skills in this class, I encourage you to play "In Summer" and work on singing with them so that they begin to learn the words. By the end of the term this song will be showcased with movements as well!

I hope these playlists help and if you ever need anything else educational or performance related you can always email us at

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